Sunday, August 31, 2008

Amber & Chris

The weather was drizzly and damp, but behind closed doors Amber was glowing. She quietly sat while her hair and make-up team done their thing, occasionally breaking so Amber could sip on some Jim Beam and Coke to calm her nerves. A little extra calm came over the room as the dress went on and the flowers turned up. Vanessa again out done herself creating some wonderful Bouquets.
Then it was time to move down to the main foyer of Opal cove for what was now going to be an indoors ceremony.

After the ceremony we watched as the clouds parted and let through some beautiful rays of the setting sun. The walk to the beach was swapped for a trip to the trees as we headed out to the entrance of the resort. The trees form a tunnel that could only have been planned with wedding photos in mind.

Congratulations Amber and Chris.
Jade and I had a great time shooting your special day.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sharen & Norm's PFPF wedding

Pirate, Fairies, Princesses and Fishermen!
I was thrilled when Sharen first told me that her and Norms wedding was going to be a themed event, so after months of waiting and a little fishing, here are some photos of a most memorable wedding.They both traveled to the ceremony via these uber cool bass boats. (Pirates flags and flowered arch included)
Norm nervously waits at the "Point of no return"...

Well everyone else does it?
Our fairy in the trees.

We decided when talking about there plans that we would set up a photobooth for their reception.
As you can see below, it was a hit with the guest, all of whom got up and had a go.
NB. I will be making a SP Photobooth soon so if you are getting married and you like something a little different, give me a shout and I will fill you in with the details on how you can have one at your wedding reception. Or anywhere really?

And the best costume award goes to......
I just had to get my ugly mug in there. Do you like my Moe-brow?

And my personal fav

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday...... nearly

Happy Birthday Harrison!
Our quite little man turns ONE this week, so today we celebrated his first fantastic year with a nice low key birthday party. Here are a few shots of Harrison meeting his first birthday cake.....

He wasn't waiting for the knife to come out, he got right in there and helped himself to a wing.