Sunday, April 19, 2009

Louise & Andrew

Well there are people that are beautiful on the outside, and then there are people who are beautiful on the inside. Louise and Andrew are blessed with a full serve of both kinds of beautiful. I only got to meet with Louise and Andrew the Wednesday before their big day, but I knew right there and then that this was going to be a wedding to remember.
A wedding to remember indeed!
The morning started as usual, the girls preparations looked great as the got ready to help Louise into her stunning gown. We shot around the apartment before I left to meet Guys on the sand at Charlesworth Bay. We snapped a few shots of Andrew and then at 1pm on the dot (scheduled ceremony time) the heavens opened up and completely drenched everyone. The next 30 minutes of rain forced a speedy change of location. Louise and Andrew, unperturbed by the last half hour, exchanged vows inside the main reception of Pacific Bay Resort, in what still managed to be a beautiful and interment ceremony.
When the time came to head back outside we found the fabulous blue skies had returned, so with little hesitation we headed back down to the beach, where the ceremony was originally planned to be held.
Here are a few of my favourite shots...

When Andrew met with Ken Palmer, the celebrant, they pondered if rain would play a part in their ceremony...
...and it did!
A quick change of location.

I love this shot that Jade caught once we where back on the beach enjoying the fine weather?

Louise and Andrew, thank you for letting us play a part in your special day.

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Antony said...

Really like your work here Graham - very strong!

Andrew & Louise said...

We had such an amazing day and are absolutely thrilled with our photos many thanks to Graeme and his lovely wife Jade. Graeme was such a pleasure to work with, he really listened to us and shared our excitement. He blended in beautifully and captured the spirit of our day, now ours to enjoy forever. Graeme came to us as a recommendation as we are from Melbourne and had not had the opportunity to meet until a couple of days before our big day, by the end of the day, we felt as though he was our friend…he has a special gift and would highly recommend Graeme to capture your special day. Big hugs to Graeme and Jade. Andrew & Louise x