Sunday, February 7, 2010

Princess's first Birthday

Twelve months ago I was excited to post about the birth of our forth child, our beautiful little princess Charlotte Belle. Today we celebrated her first year with our family and close friends. The afternoon was perfect as the clouds and one short drizzly shower kept the heat down at a bearable level. Which was in complete contrast to the morning that we awoke to... It was raining cats and dogs! Really, we had a river where our backyard was meant to be. The problem with this was not the pending party. Nope, the problem was this morning was the morning my mum and I were supposed to skydive! Well maybe next week mum!
Lily shared my disappointment.

Our little baby Belle truly is one of a kind, cuddly, bubbly, happy and down right lovable. She has made our family complete.
The cake! (that we made! Proud much?)

The birthday girl.

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Anonymous said...

I just cannot believe it has been a year!!! Charlotte is growing up to be quite a cutie! I wish her a happy beleated birthday and will catch up with you all soon!