Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cara's naming day

A little over 1 year after shooting Jacqui and Drew's wedding I had the pleasure of shooting the naming day ceremony for their daughter Cara. She is such a cute little girl with such a beautiful family. Just look at these little cheeks.
Congrats to Jacqui and Drew and everyone that was involved on what was a really lovely day.
Oh and I really loved seeing those huge canvas prints from your wedding day proudly hanging in your living room for all to see :)
As promised, here are a few shots to tie you over until you receive the full set.

PS. and a very special thank you to Nikita for helping me set up some wicked shots...

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Julie Daley said...

Thank you for so many wonderful memories. You have captured Cara just as she really is. A special beauty with that special seriousness.

Nothing is more special then photographs of those who we keep close to our hearts.