Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our House

It's been too long since my last blog!
All though it is the quiet season for shooting, It has been a flurry of photo editing here.
(Sorry to all those waiting on photos).
But.... it has also been busy for another reason... oh and another other reason.... Well as you can see below, our new house is now well under way. I am so excited not only to have the new house and move back into Coffs, but also to fit out and start using my new office. The kids will really love being so close to the park.
(and KFC... will have to walk that off!).
Any way, check it out! Even includes 'an artists impression'.
Oh and that other other news...
My beautiful wife is expecting number four in early Feb next year =) I know, I know Four Kids. I guess we gotta loose our hair sometime.
Jade, you are one brave and beautiful girl! Love you!

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